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Montevideo Samba Parade 2009 Quick Review

carnaval carnival escuela de samba desfile samba parade I'm not going to lie: the parade wasn't amazing and I felt a little strange at times.

1) Because I was using my Nikon D40x camera and I was overly conscious of people eyeing the gear (which I don't think they were but I am paranoid at times)
2) I think I arrived about 30 minutes late and didn't see the beginning of the parade
3 and 4) Young girls were doing the dirty dance in g-strings while fathers and families were applauding; older ladies, adorned in their 30 year old costumes, stood on floats and passively looked at the crowd

But it was a good time overall. Samba music rocks - no other way to describe it. Happy, rhythmic sounds combine for a festive atmosphere.


Anonymous said...

Happy valentine's day, family.
Nilda y Jose.

Rosana said...

Esto es algo nuevo en Montevideo, y la verdad no es "nuestro".
Pero si podés ir a ver el Carnaval de Artigas o Rivera, ciudades que están al lado de Brasil, dicen que los grupos de samba son muy buenos.