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Ernesto Che Guevara

ernesto che guevarro
This is not as much of a blog posting as a confession - an embarrassing confession at that. I have spent over a year in South America (cumulatively, and not the confession - I am getting to that). Che has still has a huge following here in South America even though he died back in 1967. He is a figure, among other things, in the struggle(s) of this continent. But I don't know too much about him beyond what the Motorcycle Diaries depicted.

A few years ago I was even blatantly belittled (although at the time it didn't occur to me) by a street vendor in Cusco, Peru. Upon seeing a cool photo of Che Guevara, I started up conversation. The guy told me that if I knew his first name that I could take the photo for free. I knew his first name, I knew it started with an 'E', but I couldn't spit it out. Smack.

Sure, I have asked locals what they think about him and done some cursory internet research, but nothing sufficient enough to have a grasp on the subject. Hence, I have been reading his biography for the past week. Pretty soon it will be time to test local peoples' knowledge. Should be interesting...


Lau said...

Hey Dom,

Here's a video for your research:

best regards

Dominic said...

Thanks Lau,

Yeah, that is what I am learning more and more about Che. And with this I am looking forward to speaking with people to hear their versions of his history. Thanks again for sending this over!