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The Best Bar in Montevideo´s Ciudad Vieja: Viejo Mitre

bar ciudad vieja deals drinks Somehow I have found myself working (sort of) at a bar the past two weeks. The owner is great; the employees just as good (and many of them friends). Viejo Mitre, on Bartolome Mitre in Ciudad Vieja, has fantastic chivitos and other food, tasty (and cheap with specials constantly being given) drinks and beers, and now (drum roll) the music is taking shape. I.E. I have been adding some of my music library to the bar's setting.

So if you are in Montevideo looking for a relaxed friendly bar, come by and say hello. Pues, si estas en montevideo y buscas un bar tranquilo y amable, ven aca para decir hola. If I am not there, ask for Nacho and he will help you out. But keep your eye on this will be getting very popular soon with the new vibe.

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niki said...

See you there in a few weeks!!!