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Sad, Sad Day in Travel Writing

No pictures or humor in this post (not that the ones before have been belly-busters [great term]). Over the years of travel and writing, I have learned a few golden rules. Among some of them are:

1. Always have a pen with you
2. Try to learn from everyone - whether that be a CEO of a powerful company or the dude watching cars on the street for pesos a day
3. Keep writing, even if it is an effort

These are a select few of my rules for myself. But I added one today: don't be careless with the mini journal you have been keeping for 4 months and writing in everyday to later make some interesting articles from (can you tell that this sentence was typed in about two seconds and a bit emotionally?). I was getting out of the bus this morning, and a nice older lady let me know that my little pocket notepad had slipped out of my back pocket. 'Thanks, ma'am.'

But then I put it right back into the same pocket it fell out of...and hence I no longer have the little gem of knowledge that I have built. Ouch. NOT happy right now.


Anonymous said...

That´s too bad!!! I am really sorry...
Anyway i think that you have to trust in your memory (wich is fantastic!!!) and just let it do its own work.
Do not underestimate you!!!! Come on...keep going!!! VAMO ARRIBA


Anonymous said...

Ask one of your Uruguayan friends to call a couple of radios shows (even tv morning talk shows). You never know...It is a small country...Sorry