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New Bus Prices - 15 Pesos in Montevideo

Yesterday it finally arrived...the increase in bus fares. It´s no longer the 14 pesos, but now 15 (from around 59 cents to 63.5 cents). But like this price a bit more (trying to find a positive in this increase besides helping out the government gain funds to help its citizens) - now the coins used for change are limited with the 5 peso piece.

But then comes the new, nicer busses in Montevideo that were charging the strange 7 pesos. Now they demand 7.50 pesos. Even stranger. I feel like this little .50 peso is being faded out already (as in the lines of supermarkets when the bill comes to 54.65, for example, the tally is rounded to the nearest .50 peso mark. Next it will be to the nearest full peso mark.


Anonymous said...

The 7 peso (now 7.5 peso) bus only serves the city centre (just from Ciudad Vieja up 18 de Julio to 3 cruces) and you can get this fare on ANY bus in that area by requesting a "zonal" ticket instead of a "comun" ticket. So its not really that special, its just a much shorter route.

Dominic said...

Zonal ticket...beautiful stuff. I will make sure to do that next time! But I still prefer to be in the CA-1 busses with their comfy seats!