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Una Negra

It's been awhile since I have seen a painting or picture that has really caught my eye like this one did. I was walking along 18 de Julio when I noticed it for sale on the sidewalk. A gringo's loose translation:

When I was born
I was black
When I grew up
I was black
When I am exposed to the sun
I am black
If it is cold
I am black
If I am sick
I am black
When I die
I will be black
But you
When you are born
You're pink
When you grow up
You´re white
If you go out in the sun
You´re red
If you are cold
You´re blue
If you are sick
You´re yellow
And when you die
You turn purple
And you have the courage
to call me colored?


Anonymous said...

Tuve el gusto de leer esa reflexión hace muchos años y me gustó mucho...excelente! Gracias por compartirlo...

Dominic said...

Por nada. La me tocó cuando la vi. Una idea simple, sincera, y más yo