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La Ley de Caducidad - Let's Get Them

250,000 signatures need to be obtained by April 25th to get this proposition onto the ballots for November's election. It's aims are to reverse a law established in 1989 which gave impunity to the important players in the dictatorship of Uruguay.

I'm told that someone who could have tortured Uruguayan citizens during the dictatorship would now be walking around on the Uruguayan streets free as a bird, and receiving a government pension on top of it all.

The movemnent lacks some 26,000 votes as of a month ago, and the citizens are sure that this bill will be put up for voting come November. Vamo arriba Uruguay.

Update: Article on Matador Pulse.


Kaira said...

My father, aunts, grandfather and grandmother were tortured. This was a horrible thing to go through, I am even afraid to ask how they managed to leave that behind and continue living. They were forced to flee the country.
Many children were robbed of their identity. This should not be forgotten.
I hope the animals who did these atrocities are punished.

Dominic said...

Sorry to hear this about your family Kaira. Agreed, these animals have it coming to them. The guy I spoke to who was receiving the signatures said he didn't doubt that enough firmas would be obtained. This will be on the ballot come November (in his words).

julie said...

Dom- Anything people abroad can do to support the movement? If so, let me know and we'll write up an article about it for Change.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you guys; one of my aunts was tortured too...justice must be come soon!

colonel said...

these animals are in jail right now, we must look at the future, Uruguay is not a Banana republic, pay back brings more hate and shut down the future of the children.I had been living in USA for 25 years and the justice here is strong in Uruguay is about politics, the big party control the justice.Peace.

Anonymous said...

I agree about looking to the future... but why do people think that when someone calls for justice this equals payback or revenge?

Moving on doesn't involve becoming silent about the murdered and burial of the murderers' identities.

Justice is about justice. No crime should go unpunished.