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Best Spanish Tutor - Montevideo, Uruguay

spanish tutor montevideo I've gone to more tutors than I care to admit - whether it be in the States, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Argentina, or Uruguay. My favorite tutor, by far, is in Montevideo.

You will not want to sleep (like in the picture, clever yeah?) when taking an individual (or group) class with Leticia. She makes you feel at ease, test your knowledge, and she really enjoys helping others. If you are looking to learn some Uruguayan Spanish, get hold of won't regret it. $7 an hour was her individual rate.

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Alejandra said...

For those looking for a Spanish tutor in Montevideo, I second this recommendation! I found Leticia via this blog and took lessons with her for about a month. She can plan the class around your goals and interests. With a private tutor, you can move quickly through what you already know or easily understand, and spend more time working on new material or challenging topics. Whenever I had trouble with a concept, Leticia put together a series of exercises on that topic for the next lesson. She’s fun to work with and flexible about scheduling.

Michael, NYC said...

I also found Leticia via this blog. I had planned a trip to Uruguay and wanted to take some Spanish lessons while there to improve my language skills. I could not recommend Leticia strongly enough. She is personable, motivated, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. In my case I wanted practice with particular aspects of the language that always gave me trouble (oral comprehension, some verb tenses) in addition to learning about Uruguayan slang and culture. After exchanging a couple of emails to discuss my needs, I arrived in Montevideo and spent 6 hours with Leticia over the course of a week. She came well-prepared for each lesson with videos and printed materials. She struck the perfect balance between directing the lesson as a teacher and being a partner in conversation. I paid her 2017 rates and it was worth every peso. I plan to continue using her as a tutor via remote correspondence. Thank you Leticia for enhancing my experience of your country!