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Uruguayan Gestures #1

I have honestly never been around a culture that uses- consistently and frequently uses- so many gestures. Sure, Italians speak with their hands. But Uruguayans give detailed soliloquìes with their digits. The following entries won't cover all of the gestures used. A) because there are a lot to go over and B) some of them I don't want to explain.

Our lovely (and very shy) model Joanna exhibits the first of the many gestos: ojo (eye). As in, "be careful" or "be suspicious of whatever the subject is".

Every Friday a new Uruguayan gesture (those that aren't completely foul and offensive) will be posted, as long as we can keep it up. If you have a gesture you would like to show, send it on over to my email...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love this gesture, i live in the US and none of my friends know what im talking about when i say ojito!!! Even the ones that speak Spanish.
Ojo? What do you mean ojo? jejeje