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The Apartment Care-Takers of Montevideo

Walking into Montevideo's governmental agency (La Intendencia) that is in charge of keeping order with apartments and buildings (in terms of construction, building issues, taxes, etc), I noticed their office door handle.

No, I am not kidding. Uh-oh.


Flor said...

Have you ever heard the expression "lo atamos con alambre" while you were here? Well, that door is pretty much the spirit! ;)

Dominic said...

Hey Flor,

No, I never heard that. Meaning to use whatever willl work to fix something, I am presuming??

Flor said...

You are not presuming, that´s exactly what it is! ;)
We are used to accept quick solutions, even when they are not as correct as they should be! (In every aspect sadly...)

Dominic said...

Lo atamos con it now. Thanks Flor.