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Jose Mujica - Presidential Election October

Not the poster-child of youth, Jose Mujica is vying for the head hancho post this coming October.

He was a member of the Tupamaros guerilla group of the yester-years, and now hopes to help his country out within the Frente Amplio political group.


Alfonso said...

But you forgot to mention the other presidential candidates: Luis Alberto Lacalle, from the Partido Nacional, and Pedro Bordaberry, from the Partido Colorado (well, there are others, but they are the minority, so I don't mention them xD)

By the way, I recently discover this blog, but I like it very much. It's nice to see what a foreigner thinks about this country lost in the end of the world xD

P.S: this is my first time I comment.

Anonymous said...

Jose Mujica, divides the Uruguayan people in two groups, the bad and the good, of course he belongs to the good ones. His group he call the "good ones" were the terrorist group who killed and robed many inocent people in the 60' and 70'.

Dominic said...

Thanks Alfonso and Anonymous for your comments. I am very eager to learn more of your thoughts on the candidates.

Anonymous: are you speaking about the Tupamaro group? Does Mujica still represent them?

Flor said...

The Tupamaros no longer exist. Mujica was part of them and other politicians who are now in parliament but that´s just in the past. They were the opposition to de facto government(
dictatorship), and obviously not everything they did was good, at least not the violent ways but neither the military to confine and torture people who did not think like them.

Hope this help you Dom