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It might seem a little strange now, just a little perhaps, in how much attention I give to Mr. Anthony Bourdain. But I can't help it.

The guy is just that cool. And blunt. And polished in a non-polished way. I'm reading his book that catapulted him into the light outside of the line. No more sous chef times or working fry stations.

Now, and for a few years, travelling the world and discovering people and culture through the disguise of food adventures. Beautiful stuff.

If you have the chance to pick up a book and want to understand a little about what goes on behind the kitchen doors in [New York] restaurants, you might want to grab this. Although if you are a picky eater, maybe not so much.


Claudia said...

a mi tb me encanta ver a mr. Bourdain. No puedo evitar ver el programa. Tiene algo que te atrapa. Hace poco estuvo en colombia!! Chau amigo!

Chrystal said...
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Dominic said...

Claudia - si, vi el programa en Colombia. El se cayo enamorado de Colombia verdad? Fue genial ver su opiniones sobre la tierra rica.

Dominic said...
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