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Noche de La Nostalgia - Nostalgia Night

You know who that group is in the above picture - no joking.

It's coming soon...Nostalgia Night. Old ones, young ones and anyone celebrate this night to tunes mainly from the 80s and older. Apparently it is the biggest party night (full of dancing) that Uruguay offers. Absolutely beautiful. Families go out on the town at night together. Age doesn't matter. It is all about rejoicing and enjoying the oldies...whether you lived during them or weren't even a thought for your parents yet.

Get ready..August 24th is just around the corner.


Alfonso said...

Are you gonna join any party at home or at a disco?

Anonymous said...

The Bee Gees were a singing trio of brothers Barrry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. We remenber their singles: “How Deep is Your Love”, “Stayin Alive” and ”Night Fever”(Saturday Nigth Fever- 1977 starring John Travolta)
Thanks for your articule Dominic.
Nilda and Jose

Dominic said...

Could be a bit of both Alfonso...always time for the two.

Niki said...

So, How Was It?