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One Month Mark

It's close to noon, and I feel like I have already had enough good vibes for the whole day. I met with someone in a business-type appointment (not to sound dodgy, nothing illegal) at 9AM. We spoke for 15 minutes, then they invited me to a local cafe for breakfast.

I then got the story on Ciudad Vieja, the "Zona Roja" (where all the men were tended to by prostitutes), and the changes going on here. But let's not skip over the Red Light District part of this - my new acquaintence (a female) lived next to the brothels, and ended up becoming friends a few of the girls...and in one case it was a man, posing to be a girl (but doing it so effectively that he/she made cars stop on the street as he/she walked past usually wearing a bikini or something else revealing). But this is getting us on a tangent. Without the pictures of the prostitute, with his/her 5 o'clock shadow (which apparently could be seen at close view), this is going nowhere.

Wait, how could this "business-type appointment" not sound dodgy now? Haha, good stuff, but I swear it has nothing to do with prostitution of any kind. At least I don't think so?

Anyways, after the meeting, I knew where I had to go: my Calle de Alzaibar food market of Tuesdays and Fridays - located at the end of the Peatonal Sarandi walking street. And now I have found my people for this market. I go to see the sweetheart Rosana for my vegetables and fruits, and for a few moments of chatting. While speaking with Rosana today, an older lady heard my accent and spoke to me in beautifully understandable English. I asked her how she spoke so well, and got this reply, "I went to School ______ (I don't remember the exact name) when I was 12 years old." Wow, that's it? Then she told me I had beautiful green eyes, or blue, or whatever. For this she makes it into the entry as well (just kidding, sort of).

Here is Rosana. No joke, and back to the Montevideo neighborhood subject, when I was walking back to my place after taking this photo I bumped into an English teacher I met last week. Small world here.

After saying my farewells to Rosana, I headed down to the further end of the street to grab some of the cheese (sold at a better price on this side of the market). I've bought from the vendor a few times before, nice guy. He realized my accent was more Mexican than Uruguayan, and with this knew that I loved spicy foods. And then he took it a step further and knew that I liked stronger cheeses. Sold.

Over two pounds of bananas, two pounds of tomatoes, 6 oranges, 2 peaches, and a big chunk of strong cheese: US$ 4.00. Hmmm.


KNM said...

mmmm...Forget the fruits and veggies. I'll pay the 4 US dollars for the yummy cheese alone, and it's still a bargain!

Dominic said...

Yeah, I think I have landed on a goldmine here every Tuesday and Friday with Rosana and the crew!