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Uruguay Elections in a Few DAYS!!!

On October 25th the long awaited elections will be held. "La Ley de Caducidad" will be voted for. A "Si" vote means that yes, the voter wants the law annulled, and the people involved in running the dictatorship will finally come to trial and meet their post-dictorial fate. Vamos arriba Uruguay!!!!!

Oh ya, and will it be Frente Amplio or the Partido Blanco winning the presidential battle?? The basic description is this: Frente Amplio is a group of liberal parties, bound together going against the old school conservative crowd calling themselves Partido Blanco. Almost sounds like a socialistic democracy against a democracy edging closer and closer to 100% capitalism.

Although, I could be off in my simplistic assessment of the parties and I would love to read some thoughts on this. And of course, thoughts on La Ley de Caducidad are always eagerly received.


Anonymous said...

Hi! About the anulment of la ley de caducidad...I personally feel that if that happens and the families of the desaparecidos get their justice, it will also be fair that the Ley de amnistia is annulled, so the people that the tupamaros kidnapped (like Lacalle, the candidate for the partido blanco), or the families of those killed by them get their justice too. Justice should be equal for all, there were victims on both sides.
Thats just my personal opinion, i hope it doesnt upset anyone!

Dominic said...

Thanks for your opinion!!


Santiago Torres said...

I wouldn't call Frente Amplio a coalition of "liberal groups". Most of the parties that conform the Frente Amplio are marxist or have a marxist background. And the rest is not "the conservative crowd" but a crowd conformed by different parties, with different positions, that range from convservatism to socialdemocrats and classical liberals.

Dominic said...

I think I need to sit down with you, Santiago, and get a better grip on the political scene. It has never been one of my strongpoints (interests), but the time is soon approaching. Gracias por la informacion amigo.


cyberbrujilda said...

Hi I would like to say that the tupamaros were all put in jail for 15 year and that they had been tortured meanwhile. Besides they admited they were wrong and apollogise. The militars didn't do time, didnt't apollogise, didn't say all the things they did during the dictadura. (sorry for my english)

Anonymous said...

The Frente are radicals and Mujica is the most radical of the Marxists. They committed murder & a variety of crimes not just against the military. They are in charge of the country & the capital. That's the truth!